Brian Wilson

The Beach Boys

We asked him (Brian Wilson) where he ranked the group (Bee Gees) in his personal top ten.

Very softly but definitively , he said: "Number One".
we said: Ahead of The Beatles ?
he said: "Yes".
we said: Ahead of The Beach Boys ?
again he said: "Yes".

Fuente: David Leaf & Brothers Gibb Performing Ars Academy

Michael Jackson

King of Pop

And he ( MJ ) revealed The Bee Gees really moved him: 
-"I cried listening to their music. I Knew every note, every instrument".

FuenteA Michael Jackson interview by Brett Ratter (2002-2003)

- "The Bee Gees who are brilliant, I just love great music"

FuenteA Interview by Oprah Winfrey

Brian May


- "You Win Again" was truly one of the greatest songs of the 80s". To me it's a modern masterpiece of production - devastating simplicity executed with devastating subtlety.

- Of course I was, and am huge fan of the Bee Gees creations in music.  Undoubtedly at the pinnacle of song-writing considered over the last 30 years, is it?!. My fondest recollections are not of the SNF days, which were really a re-birth in the Bee Gees popularity, but the early ground-breaking songs... I remember singing these (songs) with my pal Tim Staffell and FREDDIE in the REAL old days!!!...

FuenteRevista "Dimensions"

Paul McCartney

The Beatles

It was the "Mining Disaster" song that [Robert Stigwood, Manager of the Bee Gees] played me.
I said ( PM ): " Sign them, they're great !. And they went on to be even greater.

FuenteRevista Billboard, 24/03/2001

McCartney said in reference to Bee Gees' "Too Much Heaven"
"That's one of the records when I bring it home, it's very popular. It's one of those 'PUT IT ON AGAIN, PUT IT ON AGAIN' things, so that's a good sign." news id 1865

Ringo Starr

The Beatles

" "The Bee Gees from our era were quite important, especially the harmonies."



" In terms of bands, there are five extraordinary catalogs that make me feel ill with envy. It doesn't have to be said, the Bee Gees are up there with the Beatles. "

FuenteRevista Billboard, 24/03/2001

Neil Tennant - Chris Lowe

Pet Shop Boys

" The Bee Gees were under-appreciated compared with some of their contemporaries, the ubiquity of their disco-era songs seeming to be more of an issue than the beauty and sexiness of their music. The Bee Gees have always been a big inspiration for us. " Pet Texts 21/05/2012

Don Felder

The Eagles

"I liked the Gibb brothers (Bee Gees) immensely, Barry especially, was the perfect English gentleman."

FuenteHeaven and Hell:My Life in the Eagles (1974-2001). John Wiley & Sons, publisher, 2008.

Noel Gallagher


- "I love The Bee Gees, but only the pre-disco stuff. From 1964-1969, I've got all their albums"

Fuente: Dominical The Observer, 19/06/2005

- Noel Gallagher Top Ten Bands

Bjorn Ulvaeus


- "These are classic pop songs. Lennon and McCartney and the Bee Gees are the best and most consistent songwriters. I am green with envy."

Liam Gallagher & Andy Bell

Oasis/Beady Eye

Andy Bell - " Yeah! I was like, “The Bee Gees?!” But it’s great. That’s the one with ‘Red Chair, Fade Away’ on it. 'Every Christian Lion-Hearted Man Will Show You' is the one with the monks chanting on it and most people who are into this album will tell you that that’s the tune. They were doing a lot of psychedelic pop before The Beatles were doing it and that’s the genius about it. "

Liam Gallagher -"Yeah, Top Band"

Fuentes-The " Gallagher and Bell's 13 favourite Albums" (05/04/2011)

- " Beady Eye name the all-time top 13 albums", 05/04/2011.

Vincent Damon Furnier

Alice Cooper

- "Great songwriters. I love their music"

FuenteOne Nignt Only DVD

Deborah Harry


- "La música de Saturday Night Fever fue increíble. Es uno de lo mejores discos de todos los tiempos."

Fuente"When Disco Ruled The World", documental cadena VH1, 2005.

Elton John

Elton John

- "Their concerts are the best"

Marc Bolan


- "I remember David (Bowie) playing me ‘Space Oddity’ in his room and I loved it and he said he needed a sound like The Bee Gees, who were very big then."

Stephen Stills

Crosby Stills Nash & Young

- "Barry Gibb is one hell of a record maker. And by God, he has written some damn fine songs".

Corey Taylor

Slipknot / Stone Sour

" "I Started a Joke" es una canción fantástica. "Massachusetts", "To Love Somebody"; Ħhay tantas!. Todo Saturday Night Fever es increíble. "Jive Talkin'", "You Should Be Dancing". żA quién le importa si esta mierda es disco? SI TIENES MIEDO DE MOVER EL CULO,YO NO QUIERO SER TU AMIGO., 23/04/2013

Yves Bigot 

Periodista y productor francés, colaborador de Libération, Rolling Stone Magazine y cadena RTL.

- " Les Bee Gees sont comme la masturbation, le porno, l'AS Monaco, Patrick Sébastien ou la chantilly, un plaisir (...) honteux. On le pratique, mais on n'assume pas.

FuentePlus Celebres que le Christ. Vol 2. Ed. Flammarion

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